Dance film

The sound of flour on skin, the echo of dripping water, the kneading of flesh. KNEAD is derived from intuition with a wish to convey bodily experience.

The film was recorded at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen. Screenings of KNEAD have taken place at:  InShadow film festival, Lisbon,PL; UDance Fresh Takes, London, UK; Sans Souci Festival of Dance, Boulder and Texas, USA; FRAMEWORKS; Dance New Amsterdam, New York, USA; and, Aesthetica Film Festival, York, UK;En Route, Dances made to order. Online; Vårrullen Film Festival, Stockholm, SE; MOVE BE MOVED 2013, Stockholm, SE;

Broadcasted at KCETLink website August 11

Idea, choreography, script and direction | Disa Krosness
Photography, editing and direction | Carl Olsson
Dancers | Malin Sandberg and Anton Wretling
Sound design | Andreas Lundmark