Multiplex Realities

Multiplex Realities - is an umbrella title for the construction of reality through social and sensorial experience. It is also the title of a performance of two separate experiences existing simultaneously in two different rooms parallel to each other. You will enter into this experience one person at a time. Together we will be moving, talking, walking, communicating, shaping, adapting, creating and oscillating inside different parallel realities which are constantly evolving with time. The sensorial, social and imaginary perceptions of reality will be interleaved into one experience where truths and structures are challenged and potential futures are constantly changing. Multiplex Realities will be displayed at ICE HOT 2018 in Reykjavik, see you there! Performers: Disa Krosness and Noah Hellwig Sound design:  Miranda Abrahamsson Virtual Reality Design: Johann Prell - Vobling Supported by: Gabriel Widing
Multiplex Realities - Noah Hellwig
Multiplex Realities in Copenhagen 09- Photo by Miranda Abrahamsson
Multiplex Realities in Copenhagen 03- Photo by Miranda Abrahamsson BWC