Perfect. Tajming,
Choreographer & dancer

Our time – our crime Future – fashion time Past – a memory in mind Now – is Dream - on A constant content inside a changing narrative. Cyclic living. Everything reoccurs in Consistent; Repeating; Patterns. Patterns and Pathétiques. A Dream, of a Future. Dream, as in container of Everything that Never Was. The Dream, as in Time of Possibility. We meet in a battle against Time, in Time, for Time. For Perfect. Tajming, Concept, choreography and performance | Krosness & Pekula Collaborations Music by Max Cooper, Claude VonStroke, Joni Mitchell, Frank Sinatra and Antônio Carlos Jobim Text by Disa Krosness, Joni Mitchell and Drake. Read by Marc Nelson. Premiere at Dansfesten at Acusticum black box, in September 21st 2015 Comissioned by Dans i Nord and has been developed during August in Acusticum, Piteå. More info here Photos: Disa Krosness and Simon Olofsson
Erika och Disa Dans 013
Erika och Disa Dans 148
Erika och Disa Dans 251
Erika och Disa Dans 052
Erika och Disa Dans 180
Erika och Disa Dans 129