What came first- the woman or the egg?

I find the symbolism of eggs very appealing and a good tool to use when speaking about the imposed view of women today. The whiteness of the egg symbolises the fragility and purity and the shape with its smooth surface talks about the importance of presentation. These are qualities that still are expected of women, plus the importance of being strong and independent. I want to smash the egg open, show the sticky and yellow inside; The nutrition, the mucus, another side of femininity. I want to explore the relationship between my imposed role as a woman and what I really want my role to be. I want to play with the beauty contra the idea of breaking beauty, to turn inside out. I want to explore the suppressed anger and those opinions waiting to get out.

Article: Konsthopp

Choreography | Disa Krosness assisted by Tove
Performance | Tove Brunberg
Costume design | Anna Lo Engvall
Original music | Emma Augustsson

Developed at CCAP studios.
Premiered at Galleri Duerr April 5 2013
Also performed September 20-22, 2013, at Danscentrum Stockholm