h a t c h e d
Film maker/choreographer

H a t c h e d is about restraining yourself and breaking loose. It is an exploration of imposed femininity and of its expressions in the body, about losing control and demanding the ownership to your own body and person. It plays with clichés and templates of femininity and balances on the borders on what is true and what is imposed.

VIII São Carlos Videodance Festival
17-19 juli, Sao Carlos, Brasilien
SESIFF International film Competition.
September 25-29. Seoul.
Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival
11 to 17 September 2014. 

Choreography/Director/Photo/Edit | Disa Krosness
Dance | Tove Brunberg
Original music | Emma Augustsson
Producer| Kira Carpelan/Min Mamma Produktion
Grading | Nils Fridén
Sound design | Torsten Rundqvist