Krosness & Pekula Collaborations
Artistic collaboration


Perfect. Tajming,
Öde(s)högar/Piles of waste, fate & fortune
Dans på Bauers brygga

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About Disa Krosness

Krosness & Pekula Collaborations is a collaboration between dance artists Disa Krosness & Erika Pekula Pettersson. They started working together in late 2012 with the piece Duolog that’s playing for young and adult audiences around Sweden and Norway. They followed up with the independent sequel of Duolog is Öde(s)högar where the collaboration with poet and sound artist Dr Bu continues. They have also created the dance-film Drottninggatan and the site-specific piece Dans på Bauers Brygga. Their latest work, Perfect. Tajming, premiered in September 2015 and was commissioned for Dans I Nord. Erikas website.

photo | Michael Melanson & Peter Sundqvist